Small Busted Women

often wear padded bras, which flatten breast tissue and impede circulation.

Women with B or C cup Measurements

usually buy bras that do not adequately support or protect their breasts. Through the years, these women develop pendulous breasts with visible stretch marks, as the collagenous fibers supporting the tissues are stretched or broken. A properly fitted bra worn through the years will maintain a youthful bust line.

Full Figured Women

have real problem finding a bra that fits and supports the weight of the breast. There is often no bust line or midriff separation, and the weight of the breast causes posture problems. Most bras allow the shoulder straps to slide and irritate. With a custom fitted bra, a generously endowed woman gets the proper support, in addition to relief from the pressure on sore shoulders. The bra lifts, separates, and shapes the larger bust, creating a lighter and more youthful silhouette.

Athletic Women

increase the stress of gravity on breast tissue. Our custom fitted bra offers awesome support and control, with very minimal breast movement during activity.

Post-Mastectomy Women

Wearing a custom fit bra, with a breast prosthesis weighing the same as the remaining breast, offers a balanced feeling and a natural appearance. While engaging in sports, even swimming, they can be confident that their bra will not ride up, cut into the shoulders, pinch or bind.

Pregnant Women

may lose their firm bust line as a result of the pregnancy. Wearing a custom fitted bra during pregnancy offers extra support and control without any extra pull on the shoulders. In addition, a properly fitted bra keeps the stretch marks at a minimum and reduces vein distention. Our unique bra grows with your bust and also makes an excellent nursing bra.